Annunciation Orthodox School

3600 Yoakum Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77006
Phone Number:
(713) 470-5600

Annunciation Orthodox School, a non-profit, private institution, strives to maintain a school environment based on Christian principles and embraces a student body and a faculty from diverse backgrounds. An equal opportunity admissions and hiring policy is maintained.

Annunciation Orthodox School encourages students to reason and to think creatively and independently within a nurturing and supportive environment,
offers a challenging and stimulating academic curriculum,
encourages social responsibility within the community and involvement in school activities,
chooses faculty and staff who stimulate intellectual development and encourage emotional, social, spiritual, and physical growth,
acknowledges the importance of religious faith and offers the opportunity for spiritual growth and expression,
recognizes the importance of the family in the educational process, and
promotes and encourages patriotism.

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